Pentti Kokki

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  • Underwater Archaelogy
  • Search & Recovery
  • Surveying
  • Law Enforcement Work
  • Scientific Research

Our ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) fleet consists of observation, inspection and work class ROV:s. This way we can meet a whole range of tasks, and thanks to our in-house skills we are enable to modify, adapt or manufacture the tool needed for the job. Thanks to hi-tec fiber optic cable we are able to add a wide rage of accessories to our work class ROV.

With a Side Scanning Sonar we are able to survey large areas of water up to a depth of several hundreds meters. With the appropriate search grid a several square kilometer area can be searched for the object the size of a suitcase if needed.

A Scanning Sonar enables us to see in even 0 visibility conditions up to a distance of 100 meters. The Sonar data can be utilized to measure objects in water without having to engage the target. This can help in planning future actions and measures to be taken. This equipment can be utilized on a ROV or as a standalone unit or in combination with other Scanning sonar’s.

With a Underwater metal detector we can find metal objects that have been embedded in bottom sediments and otherwise detectable with normal acoustic tools.

Special tasks, evidence documentation and recovery. Underwater investigation and no disturbing sampling.